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Watch: Kind Man Gives Water To Thirsty Armadillo Amid This Scorching Heat, Wins Hearts Online

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Aishwarya Dharni
Aishwarya DharniUpdated on Apr 29, 2022, 17:55 IST

Helping out animals is one of the kindest deeds in the world, and this man is setting a wonderful example for the rest of us. The summer season is hard, especially for animals. They have to hunt for shade and water under the scorching sun, and this video going viral on social media will make you realise how difficult it is for them.

The video shows a man with an armadillo in a field-like area. The man is seen holding a can of water. Initially, the poor animal appears scared. However, as soon the man pours the water over his body, the armadillo relaxes. The man then tries to make the armadillo drink the water to quench its thirst in this heat.

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The video was shared by IFS Susanta Nanda on Twitter with the caption, "Offering few drops of water to the thirsty is the best offering to god…"

He credited someone named Santosh Sagar for the video.

The heartwarming clip has amassed over 38,000 views on the microblogging website, along with over 2,700 likes. People took to the comments section to praise the man for his kind deed.

One user wrote, "Soo touching and beautiful and praiseworthy."

"Probably most loved by Almighty God," wrote another user. 

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According to reports (and our sweat glands), many states in the country recorded the hottest March in 122 years. The national capital recorded its hottest day on April 28 with a temperature of 43.5 degrees Celsius. 

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